The Fortress

By Phila. Society for the Preservation of Landmarks (other events)

4 Dates Through May 28, 2017

2017 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the start of Buster Keaton's film career, an event that lead to the creation of several movie masterpieces and influenced countless clowns and filmmakers. "The Fortress" pairs Keaton's unique style of humor with the absurdist vision of his contemporary, Franz Kafka, for a theatrical experience that allows the audience to explore a strange new world. Performed in the heart of Philadelphia's Historic District May 25-28!

All shows at 7:30

What happens when Keaton meets Kafka? Between high-brow philosophy and low-brow slapstick you will find The Fortress, a picaresque journey through bureaucracy, power plays, and screwball romance that seeks to combine the worldviews of two of the twentieth century's most brilliant and absurd creative minds. Mr. Locht has come to a strange town to make a sale to the mysterious Viscount, only to find himself navigating a labyrinth of dual identities, vaudevillian double-talk, and comic chases that will either end in disaster or entrance to the Viscount's elusive Fortress...or both.

Staged as a walking tour beginning at Washington Square and continuing to the historic Hill-Physick House and surrounding area in a uniquely immersive format, The Fortress gathers some of Philadelphia's greatest performing talent for a clown's eye view on a Kafkaesque universe.